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Start Up Weekends

Eclipse is probably unique in Europe offering ingenious photographic techniques and manual skills that apply to your chosen subject matter - whatever that may be.

You will learn to be resourceful with your digital camera and achieve manual and conceptual skills and inventiveness.

• Maximum of four students
• For beginners to quickly establish a solid grounding in photography
• ‘Hands on’ tuition to get familiar with your camera
• Understanding settings and controls and how to hold the camera
• Shooting pictures to reinforce instructions and demonstrations
• Essential skills and important basic knowledge of photography
• Where & how to take light readings for exposure and then what to do
• Why Program Exposure Mode doesn't work in creative photography
• How to avoid camera shake that even anti-shake won’t cure
• Mike's Ten Commandments of how to avoid mistakes*

* Frequently made even by professionals and experienced photographers

Panning the cameraDemo of a method

Be inspired, have fun learning, enjoy home cooking, excellent hospitality and make new friends.
Saturday lunchtime to Sunday 6pm
Comfortable accommodation in both the school and village
All meals included
Fee : £285 per person

“Many thanks for an enjoyable weekend, the hard work and patience that Mike puts into the course was very much appreciated, along with Su’s culinary skills.
Jackie B, Chelmsford, Essex (2009)