Payment by bank transfer

- is called Bank Account Credit Sending (BACS)
Would you’d like to pay by BACS?
If you wish to read and keep our how
to do this, go straight to the top right corner of this page, and click on "Payment by BACS Printable Page>." You will then have no need to read the rest of this page, and will have all of the method in front of you.

Instructions on how to contact your bank

If you wish to do this, you will find it is safe, convienient, and an efficient method transfering funds either to a third party or another of your accounts on an exact date. This is good for you and us, and there is no need to phone or send anything in the post.
If your are not in the UK however, there is usually a charge by intermediary banks.
They can advise you on that point if you look on their website for contact details and call them.
e.g. Most people have Google. Select [search]

To find your Bank’s website - open a second internet browser window and enter the name of your bank & country in your browser’s search panel - then click on search.
Choose the one which you see matches, in the results AND CLICK ON IT.
When you are sure it’s the correct site, save it by choose FAVOURITES/ Add to favourites.
Usually their home pages contain “How easy Internet Banking is to use”
KEEP THIS WINDOW OPEN, but minimalize it for later.

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