Watercolour painting

Creative Image Building

For advanced photographers seeking magic in new images.

Thinking of an idea/aim for a picture is the hardest thing to do.
The best images are shot in one – no Photoshop. If it’s necessary, then each shot needs to be lit and have the correct angle of light and colour of light, and scale etc. to enable you to fit all images together later.

On the Creative Image Building course you will learn to:

• Sketch a picture on paper, with practical notes
• Ascertain what will is needed to construct the set, lighting and props
• Envisage what shape and height a table should be
• Find and get equipment and props
• Work out photographic logistics to create the mood in the lighting
• Make it happen either in studio or on location

Capuccino outside (in studio)

“Inspirational! . . .” Richard Whiteley, Wimslow, Cheshire.1999

Making a business look good

A band shot one at a time